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Born in 1951 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, now residing in Tala, Cyprus, Joep has been painting for 12 years and is entirely self-taught.  With his inexorable desire to create his images, he has developed a unique style which is instantly recognisable as the artist's signature.

The paintings are mainly abstract and generally portray images set in a group with particular emphasis given to their surroundings.

The paintings summon the observers to use their powers of imagination to explore and interpret the meaning behind each individual canvas.

Oils and acrylic resin are used on a linen canvas thus creating dynamic and intense colours. The simplicity of the abstract designs identifies Joep's own particularly unique style which he has exhibited in many locations in his native Holland, and is well known within the art circuit in The Netherlands.

He is always looking for new venues to exhibit his work, so if you feel your establishment would benefit from his works, he will be more than happy to talk to you.

Enjoy the world of Joep